How to Get your Samsung Gear VR Controller Ready to Play

Undoubtedly, watching and playing games on VR is a great experience. And when you have a Samsung Gear VR, the enjoyment becomes double. To have your Samsung Gear VR controller ready to play, you’ll need to set it up. The setup process requires logging in to the Samsung Gear VR application, which will be done on your Samsung smartphone. This doesn’t end here; afterward, you’ll need to connect your controller and phone through Bluetooth. Both parts of the setup process are simple. In this article, you’ll get the help for the complete process.

Setting up and connecting your Samsung Gear VR controller
  1. Samsung Gear VR controller works on two AAA batteries. Insert the batteries into the controller, then press and hold the ‘Home’ button to turn it on.
  2. Now, take your smartphone and remove the activated screen lock features. There should no screen locks activated in your phone before installing it into the VR headset.
  3. Connect your smartphone to the Wi-Fi or mobile network, if it is not already.
  4. After that, set up your Samsung smartphone into your Gear VR with having the screen facing inward. The Gear VR application won’t be already installed in your Samsung smartphone. Once you set up and remove your phone from the VR headset, you’ll get the installation screen to install the Gear VR application on your smartphone.
  5. You’ll now hear a voice to remove your device from the VR headset.
  6. Open the VR lock and remove your smartphone from it after hearing the voice command.
  7. Samsung Gear VR welcome screen will now appear on your device display, tap ‘Next’ to install the software.
  8. Read and select ‘Agree’ when the warning message appears.
  9. Now, select ‘Next’.
  10. the ‘Install’ option on the next screen to start downloading the Samsung Gear VR application on your smartphone.
  11. Once the application finish installing, you can proceed to register or login to it.
  12. Open the ‘Samsung Gear VR’ application and hit ‘Start’ on the welcome screen.
  13. Select ‘Sign in’ or ‘Create Account’ on the next screen. You can use your Facebook account as well to create an account and sign in to the Samsung Gear VR application.
  14. After logging in to the application, you might be prompted to download the software update, let them download.
  15. Go to the Pair Controller page in the app, and hit ‘Turn on Bluetooth’. Allow the device permission, if asked.
  16. Now, hit the ‘Pair’ button. If asked for permission to access location, allow it.
  17. Wait for your Samsung Gear VR controller to pair and connect. Your controller will display a green light when it is paired. You can also confirm this by seeing the ‘Paired Gear VR controller’ message on your smartphone’s screen.
  18. As soon as you pair the Gear VR controller, the calibration process will start.
  19. Hit ‘Next’ to start calibrating.
  20. Now, hold the controller in your hand and make the figure eight (8) in the air.
  21. Choose how you want to use the controller, Left Handed or Right Handed. This is not permanent; you can change this anytime from the settings.
  22. Hit ‘Done’.
Your Samsung Gear VR controller is all set now and ready to play. As you’ll finish the process successfully, the Gear VR application store will open on your smartphone. Connect your phone to the VR headset and turn it on. Now, hold your controller to control your VR, open application store, play games, and much more.

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